HP 17BII+ Financial Calculator Review

HP-17B is a first model, it is a financial and business calculator. this calculator is made by Hewlett-Packard. It is introduced in 1988 on January 4 along with the HP-19b, HP-27s. It was a business model There were two versions, one is US one working in English only, and the international one with six languages like English, German French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. HP-17b has a code name it was a trader and it belonged to the pioneer series oh Hewlett-Packard calculators. It had a 132x16 Lcd dot matrix and many characters with good display .it used a Saturn processor and has a memory of 8000 bytes and 6750 bytes were available to the user. The HP-17B had a clock with alarm also infrared printing to some Hewlett-Packard . later The 17B was replaced by the HP 17II in January 1990. it is a better version of 17B some advanced features like RPN. Afterward 17BII was replaced by the 17BII+ in 2003 which is an advanced model than 17BII which is manufactured by kinpo electronics. It is quite easy and convenient to use it's mostly used in finance courses and other calculations. This calculator is perfectly suited for a complex program. This calculator has 250 built-in business function also it has the time value of money(TVM). it has a clock which built-in also calendar to manage time and date. This is used for educators and business etc It has a 28 kb memory to perform a specific task. It is easy to portable because it is compact. The 17BII is metallic finish with smooth button and it has a stylish look. it has auto shut off after the no use of 10 minutes to preserve battery. how to choose financial calculator

>HP Solve customizing method

>It has Alpha and numeric keyboard

>it has over 250 built-in functions

>2-line by 22-character LCD

>List-based cash flow analysis

>2-line by 22-character LCD

>Over 250 built-in functions For education and business, finance. It is easy to use and comfortable long life battery calculator weight about 1 pound. the calculator has 2 Lithium Metal batteries required.